Common reason for septic tank backups

Septic tanks are commonly used in rural areas that do not have access to a public sewerage and are the most reasonable way to dispose of human waste. It consists of the construction of an underground tank made of cement or glass that will receive all the waste so that natural or assisted decomposition can take place. This is a short term solution as it will be necessary to periodically empty the remains, but it may be the only option for many people. Septic Pumping Colorado Springs is responsible for evaluating that everything is working properly, but the household members must be aware of certain details.

Sewer machine pumps out feces from hole

Why does a septic tank break?

The most common reasons are associated with the lack of care given to them since septic tanks must be constantly monitored. Bad odors coming from a septic tank are caused by blockages within the pipes and can be caused by several factors.

  • Objects clogging the pipes: This also occurs with pipes that are connected to the sewers, and happens when objects that do not come apart are disposed of through the toilet or sink and dishwasher. These can be objects such as construction debris, toys, dirty diapers, and any other synthetic items that cannot be broken down naturally. These objects create blockages in the pipes and trap fecal matter and produce bad odors.
  • Tree roots. Trees grow quickly in both directions, and tree roots can break downpipes and cause blockages that have the same effect as a diaper or a toy. To avoid this it is best not to plant anything near the septic tank because this is a problem that will come up sooner or later. The septic service can give you a list of precautions to keep you on track.
  • Vehicles parked over the septic tank. The area where this pit is located is not prepared to support heavyweights, so this could cause a breakthrough in which all the bad odors from the pit could escape, and could even cause leaks from which water-soaked with fecal matter would come out.
  • Excess water. Septic tanks have a maximum capacity to be able to function, so if the water is abused (when bathing, for example) it could oversaturate the space, preventing the common pit from being unable to support the contents. Problems can also occur directly where the septic tank is located, usually with broken pipes leaking into the tank until they damage it.

There are many reasons that septic tanks could be damaged, so it is necessary to have a septic service that can prevent all of these problems. If you are interested in learning more about this, it is best to call the experts before trying to do anything on your own. The best way to prevent an accident is to get the information you need. The best way to avoid this type of inconvenience is to be more aware of the septic tank and the better way to take care of it.

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